2 Chainz Appears on ESPN’s ‘First Take’; The Show’s Top 6 Rap Moments

2 Chainz Appears on ESPN's 'First Take'; The Show's Top 6 Rap Moments

Rapper 2 Chainz appeared on ESPN’s “First Take” today to discuss the NBA playoffs and he held his own while debating Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless.

Still, ESPN seems to be struggling for relevancy these days. The sports station that once proved that hip-hop and sports co-existed is now reaching to regain its cool factor.

While 2 Chainz’s appearance was great exposure for the artist, who has completely reshaped his career, and also important for hip-hop, the segment seemed a bit forced.

ESPN is losing its natural coolness that Stuart Scott exuded during the ’90s when he made it popular to use rap lyrics while showing the highlights of games.

But booking the hottest rapper, who we really don’t associate with sports, on “First Take” only  appears desperate to the true fans of sports and hip-hop.

Click continue to see ESPN top rap moments on “First Take.”

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