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Tyler Perry: The Black Millionaire’s Blueprint for Success

How is it possible that a mentally and physically abused child who lived out of his car as a young man could wind up as the most successful commercial black filmmaker in American history with the first-ever African American-owned studio?

Tyler Perry is a man who negotiated treacherous terrain, inside and outside his mind, and navigated around nearly insurmountable obstacles to become an internationally-known entrepreneur of considerable influence. His Tyler Perry Studios is the envy of urban America and, for that matter, much of Hollywood (since most white actors do not own their own studios, much less a fruitful production company).

Using the advice of his idol-turned-friend Oprah Winfrey, Tyler Perry channeled his inner torment onto a blank canvas and sculpted industry gold with 11 movies, countless plays, three TV sitcoms and a bestselling book with more to come. And despite the torrent of hate that gushes at his product from some quadrants of the black community (ahem, Spike Lee), Perry remains resolute, unbowed and undeterred in continuing his form of movie making.

Many casuals Hollywood fans are familiar with his story, but rolling out believes it’s invaluable to retell the almost unbelievable story of Tyler Perry.—terry shrophire

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