Another Zombie? Man High on Synthetic Drugs Growls at Police, Tries to Bite Officer’s Hand


Zombie Attack Almost Occurs Again in Miami

Another Miami man has been named in a zombie attack after taking a synthetic drug. On Saturday night, Brandon DeLeon of North Miami Beach was arrested after walking into a local Boston Market and trying to get into a fight with two police officers on the scene, the Miami New Times reported. The officers reported that DeLeon, who is homeless, was acting bizarrely and growled at them before trying to bite one of the officer’s hands.

“While at the holding cell, DeLeon banged his head repeatedly inside the holding cell,” wrote one officer in a report quoted by the Miami New Times. “DeLeon growled at officers in the booking area like a rabid dog. DeLeon attempted to bite Officer Ruiz’s hand off.”

Authorities later discovered that the man was high on a synthetic substance called Cloud 9. His reaction to the drug was quickly compared to the incident involving Rudy Eugene, the Miami man who was killed by authorities after they found him eating the face of another man.

“This bears resemblance to the incident that occurred in the City of Miami last week when a male ate another man’s face,” wrote the officer again. “Please be careful when dealing with our homeless population during your patrols.”

DeLeon also reportedly had the beverage Four Loko in his system. At a bond hearing, he reported that he had no memory of that night and remains in jail on $5,500 bond, the Miami New Times reported.

DeLeon’s “zombie” incident is the third cannibal-like attack reported in recent weeks. In May, a Morgan State University student was arrested after he confessed to killing his roommate before dismembering his body, eating part of his brain and his whole heart. –danielle canada

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