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Jay-Z, Kanye, Beyoncé Leave Clues for Success

Jay-Z with Nicki Minaj and Kanye West











Jay-Z and wife Beyoncé, Kanye and Oprah too, are examples for those who choose to see and understand what to do. Celebrities cues have their value every day. You can look at them and understand how to live, what you can do or what to say.

Far too many who watch celebrities on shows each and every day, if you haven’t watched how they grow their image then you wouldn’t understand NeNe Leakes’ progression anyway. This day I chose to say exactly what it does mean to take cues of success and not be hit in the eyes with stardust in the process.

When you think of NeNe Leakes, you should know she aspired to be an actress anyway. For those who didn’t know, she was always going to be a star. She had stars in her eyes and what she chose to do; she knew how to be Darth Vader in her mind. She understood the meaning of  antagonist and protagonist and her actions were by design. She was tall, beautiful and knew what to say, how to make friends, get an agent and move up the next day.

In front of your eyes, you’d never realize that it was all an act for sure. She was a mother seeking to get her child through college. She knew she had to endure. But even if you have watched over the last seasons, things have changed. NeNe Leakes is an example of what you should do as things in life are in play. I am afraid that what you might see is a character, that you don’t know and not take the clues that she has laid about being a star, going very far and understanding the role that you play.

Kanye West and Jay-Z rapped about Paris and now they are conquering the land, they’re a global brand. Jay-Z and Kanye filled the stadiums three days in a row; their fans with their euros in tow. They are international conglomerates you see, showing you how to bring money back home. The products they sell are dreams about America too. They are bringing folks who want to listen to the American culture, the black ideas and celebrate with me and you.

So what are you selling on a global scene, black folk who are in Paris. What does it mean? It means that you might want to sell something in a foreign land. It means that you should be like Starbucks, McDonald’s and Walmart and sell your products in other lands. These two have shown you what global expansion is. People everywhere download their music to hear what they have to say.

Or maybe it’s just that you like to be pretty too. Think of Nicki Minaj, what kind of clue is she offering you? The fact that she’s figured out how to sell Pepsi and lipstick for a particular brand, to conquer the others who now will purchase her Pink Friday lipstick by MAC, it’s a winning hand.

So what does it say for you? It says don’t just be pretty, be smart and get in business too. Have something to sell and a conglomerate to associate with too. You have something that these others don’t have, you have you.

It’s your time, understand that. That’s what Young Money is trying to say. You are young money, stand up, figure out what your brand is and get paid today. For those who aren’t taking a clue about getting their pockets fat, right now, take notice how Rick Ross is slimming down.

Andre 3000 is a vegan and he’s saying for sure that he wants his life to be well-rounded and his body to be endure. He’s an example of what to eat every day, changing what you. He’s a vegan, that’s what he has to say.  There are those who think you should rap to be violent or to hurt someone, that isn’t true. There are those who are trying to constantly rap to you and know what next to do.

When you think of hip hop foundations, you think of what are they trying to say. You think of Ludacris and all of the great things he’s done with the Ludacris Foundation to this day. An actor in Crash, a movie that had a message, he did it for you. It was a franchise movie, what has he given you as a life clue? Associate with great things, great brands and franchises too. Don’t worry about being on a rap song, buy a McDonald’s franchise, be a millionaire. That’s what you should do. Know that Ludacris’ restaurant in the Atlanta airport probably won’t be the only one you see. They have airports across the world and Luda is likely saying that can be me. If you’re not saying that can be me on the business front every day, then the clues you are taking from celebrities might be the wrong ones.

Celerbrities give out clues and give you telltale signs to tell you what’s on their minds. As you see their legacy stays around. It gives you an idea of how they’ve been able to stay around over time. LL Cool J can sing songs and move across the stage, but hosting and acting is how he chooses to get paid, today. If he’d chosen to carry a gun and shoot somebody too, he would have just played that false role that someone else wants to sell to you.

Don’t be clueless when you get your clues from others till this day. The hypocrisy, the mixed messages sift through that in an intellectual way. Look for the systems and the signs of success and how it applies to you. Make sure if you want to be famous that you understand the clues for success that are being left for you. For all of those who shake and want to be beautiful to this day, remember the words of Beyoncé. She gives women messages that are on time. She Blue Ivy  and Jay-Z are always on our minds. Look for the clues of success cause somebodies trying to fill you in on what success is in their own unique way.


Munson Steed


  1. Renee G on June 7, 2012 at 12:11 pm

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