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Jump-Offs Who Became Famous: Cheat to Win!

Jump-Offs who became famous: Amber Rose.

Jump-Offs Who Became Famous

My friend and Nia and I were recently VIP at the official V Live Drake after party. Once we passed the velvet ropes, part of his entourage approached us and asked “You girls wanna be on the tour bus afterwards?” “We are not Jump offs!” Nia snapped.

Jump off: A casual sexual partner, a woman of dubious sexual practices, a hasslefree [email protected]$&.

I thought, “hey, Kim Kardashian definitely is living lavish though…” Karrine Steffans, Kim Kardashian, Amber Rose, Lauren London, Evelyn Lozado, Draya Michelle, Rocsi Diaz. Some of these women had a good clean slate before things got a little froggy; hop hop jump off!

A Jump Off is a woman looking for more than 15 minutes of fame and will sustain it by any means and any men…

–Lydia K. Nesmith  


Jump-Offs who became famous: Draya Michelle.

Jump-Offs who became famous: Draya Michelle.

Draya Michelle

Draya Michele. Not so impressed by her media prescence. Chris Browns’ rebound chic. A Basketball Wives walk on after she befriended Gloria Govan in a LA acting class.

Once she became a member of the matrix, she made all aware that she was Chris Brown’s ex.

Draya is currently dating Boxer Victor Ortiz and wearing revealing dresses.

Jump-Offs who became famous: Draya Michelle.

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