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  • Rdesaenz49

    The “Old West” form of justice needs to return for Crimes against Children.  Many judges and lawyers are pedophiles or child porn addicts, so where can you get justice?

  • justsayin’

    I did the same thing to my child’s molester 17 years ago, but I had to serve almost 10 years in prison for it-first time offender.

    • Rebecca

      I am sadden to hear that you had to serve time for defending yourself against a horrible person.

    • http://www.facebook.com/susan.preston.777 Susan Preston

      I am so sorry you had to serve time but I am sure you would do it again.

  • Rebecca

    This father was protecting his daughter and he whipped that man’s butt good, but hate that he died in the process. He should not be arrested for protecting his little girl. It scares me to even imagining walking in on someone doing this to a child of mine, because I know I would come react in the same manner. What kind of justice is served when a molester gets a slap on the wrist for just a few years or more basically for violating children, they need a life sentence because of the damage they’ve done to a child’s life.

  • Ptello30


  • Luckydanes

    This father did what I would hope any GOOD and LOVING father would do.  A normal and healthy reaction that I hope he is not charged for.  It is unfortunate that more parents do no go the aid of their defensless children.

  • Yeahyeah

    Let this man go and give him a medal of honor. He should be invited to the White House. Fuck that child molester. he got what he deserves. Actually, he should have had a painful, slow death…

  • http://www.facebook.com/susan.preston.777 Susan Preston

    Where can one contribute to his defense? He should NOT go to jail. He was defending his daughter!

  • Standard

    Pastor Dale Lee McFarland, Radiant Church (Assemblies of God) Surprise, AZ. is a sexual predator and deviant. Hell has a special place reserved for this kind of pure evil, wolf in sheeps clothing.