Chicago’s Mob History

Al Capone in 1930.

Al Capone in 1930; the Original Scarface.

The “vicious gangster with the heart of gold” is an old Chicago tradition that still fuels the city’s love/hate relationship with its celebrity gangsters.

Chicago’s first celebrity gangster, Al Capone, the original Scarface, was just 26-years-old when he ran a vice dynasty that included nightclubs, racetracks breweries and brothels in the 1920s. Capone strolled his Cicero neighborhood clad in zoot suits, a cocaine white Fedora hat and an 11.5-carat diamond pinky ring. Capone was the go-to guy if you were poor, down on your luck or in need of a coat for the winter. He partied with the jazz musicians and sent flowers to their mothers. Capone also opened several of the first soup kitchens during the Great Depression; it was his generosity with the common folk that earned him the reputation of Robin Hood. The proud peacock was also a cold-blooded killer, and had personally killed a dozen people and ordered hits on dozens more.  Scarface did not leave this world in a hail of bullets, he was jailed for tax evasion and died of syphilis.

Deputy Editor, Rolling Out

  • jujia-3234

    Since the police or the mayor can’t get the shootings and this flash mob violence under control the citizens should have the right to carry their own protection again!! That will certainly increase the number of shootings in Chicago on a weekend to well over 50, but as long as the right people are getting shot

  • BigBuiltShoulders43

    Making summer jobs available won’t solve the shooting or flash mob violence anymore!!! THat’s not enough…..but vigilance and the right to carry your own gun and blasting a group of teens about to or already committing violence on you will……everyone needs to be his own Wyatt Earp and take care of what needs to be taken care of just like in the Old West

  • northcoast

    who cares about detroit i mean chicago? going-going-soon to be gone-gone-gone as a viable city. don’t think “detroit can’t happen here”, chicago. It sure the hell can and will & it will be done chicago-style!