Usher: ‘Looking 4 Myself’ Album Review

Usher released his seventh studio album, titled Looking 4 Myself  earlier this week, and despite all of the negative press Usher has received lately, he’s given his fans a reason to smile.

During a recent interview, Usher explained that he is working on a new genre of music describes as ‘revolutionary pop,’ in which several different genres are combined to create a new sound. Teaming up with longtime collaborator Rico Love, Usher utilizes elements of electronica, R&B, soul, hip-hop, and pop genres to create the new sound which is heard in a variety of ways on Looking 4 Myself.

The album starts off with the high energy cut ‘Can’t Stop It’ which finds the R&B sound Usher was known for early in his career mixed with the new school dance sound that has plagued R&B icons looking to reinvent themselves.

Usher performs ‘Scream’ at 2012 Capital FM Summertime Ball

Usher is consistent when it comes to lyricism. Never afraid to divulge his personal feelings and write about real life situations that hit close to home, Usher mixes lyrics about life, love, and relationships with up-beat tracks. Songs like ‘I Care for U’ and ‘Twisted’ featuring Pharrell best represent his “revolutionary pop” genre.

Usher picked the perfect team to create a great combination of past meets present.  With R&B music in the middle of an evolution, it’s difficult to predict the trend that will help resurrect the genre that most of us grew up with. One thing is for sure, Usher is on the right track with this album.

We hope that Usher brings those crazy dance moves back with this album. As much as he’s been looking for himself, we’ve been looking for the old Usher as well.

And it seems as if he’s finally found himself.

Currently on the radio- ‘Climax’, ‘Scream’, ‘Lemme See’ Feat. Rick Ross


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