5 Great Degrees for Shy People


Does the idea of working in a large group setting repel you? Does the thought of speaking before large crowds make you break out in hives. Are you the type who would like to work alone because you are introverted? Not a problem. We have five great degrees for shy people.

In fact, shyness is a condition that can result in crippling anxiety for students and worse, possibly poor grades, says Dr. Suzanne Anthony, a clinical psychologist and former University of California, Santa Barbara instructor.

“Picking a major that forces you to do things that result in stressful situations can inhibit your performance. I think people do a lot better in school when they are anxiety-free and happy,” says Anthony.

Here are 5 great degrees for shy people that enables such folk to avoid shmoozing, networking and getting involved in a lot of interoffice politics.

— terry shropshire

Terry Shropshire
Terry Shropshire

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