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Kim Kardashian Apologizes to Kris Humphries

On Sunday night’s edition of “Oprah’s Next Chapter,” the Kardashian Klan got candid with host Oprah Winfrey as she sat down at their home to interview them about their celebrity lives. And it was the biggest Kardashian, Kim, who shared the most intimate details of her life with Winfrey, including a much-talked-about apology to her soon-to-be ex-husband, Kris Humphries.

During her interview with the media mogul, Kardashian explained that she was genuinely in love with Humphries and thought their marriage could work.

“I was in love, I wanted the life that I always pictured my fairytale life to be,” she said. “I would’ve had an extravagant wedding anyway, to end that relationship was a risk in itself to lose ratings and I had to take the risk to be honest to myself.’”

Kardashian explained that she thought a quicky romance with Humphries would end up in happily ever after, like with her mother, Kris Jenner, who married Bruce Jenner after five months, and like her sister, Khloe, who married Lamar Odom after just one month.

But Kardashian soon realized after her wedding that she and Humphries weren’t meant to last.

“I think when people first meet, everything is great in the beginning,” she admits. “But I didn’t spend more than a whole week with my ex before we married. When we moved in together, I saw how our relationship was … I don’t want to get into the small things, but once we moved in, I knew he was not the one.”

Though their marriage didn’t last, Kardashian had nothing but kind words for Humphries and even apologized to him for the heartbreak their very-public divorce caused.

“He’s a good person,” she said. “I will always have a place in my heart for him. It just wasn’t for me. You know in your heart … For anyone I hurt, I’m truly sorry, I don’t wish pain on anyone, but the person I am because of that crazy experience, I wouldn’t change it for the world. I loved him, obviously it hurt him, and it hurt me too. It was embarrassing, I don’t want to call it a mistake, it was a lesson.”

Well, Kardashian certainly isn’t the first star to apologize for breaking an exes heart. Check out some other heartbreak apologies below – nicholas robinson


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