Stevie J Buys Mimi A Home Away 

The series opens up with Mimi and her producer boyfriend, who she’s been dating for around 15 years. But as Mimi explains, Stevie has yet to settle down with her and their young daughter, preferring instead to maintain his rock star bachelor lifestyle. And at the beginning of the episode, Stevie surprises Mimi with a new home out in the suburbs outside of Atlanta. Though Mimi hopes it’s a new home for their family, Stevie says it’s just a home for Mimi and their daughter and he’ll still live in the city. But Mimi rejects Stevie’s gift, claiming Stevie just wants to keep her out of his way so that he can carry on his affairs in the city. Despite her anger, Mimi still wants to make a “home” with Stevie.


Nicholas Robinson

I'm a lover of quirks and writing compelling pieces for my readers.