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SESAC Hosts Publishing vs. Publicity Seminar in Atlanta

This past weekend, Publishing vs. Publicity brought together some of Atlanta’s brightest emerging songwriters and producers together with industry insiders at Soul Asylum Studios in Atlanta, GA.  Special invited guests included Mr. Kendrick Dean, a four-time Grammy-nominated record producer and music composer who has produced chart topping records for singers Chris Brown, Mariah Carey, Usher, and Mary J. Blige; CEO and founder of Alien Music Services,Danny Zook, and Kevin Shine, founder/CEO of The F.I.R.M. and an former A&R consultant for Jive Records.

The Publishing vs. Publicity seminar provides insider knowledge on the most significant aspects of the music business. Individuals learn about song pitching, copyright registrations and collecting royalties on their musical works. Attendees also have the opportunity to ask questions face-to-face with music professionals and the workshop’s creator, Peniece Le Gall, who has worked for all three PRO’s over the last decade. Peniece Le Gall is currently the director, writer and publisher relations exec for SESAC and head of the Atlanta office. Newly promoted, Le Gall replaced Cappriccieo Scates, who is currently in the position of executive general manager at Arrow Records.

Photo credit: Tara LeGall

Take a look at pictures from the event below.




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