The LeBron James Hate Continues on Twitter

The LeBron James Hate Continues on Twitter

Despite finally winning an NBA championship, LeBron James remains, by far, the most polarizing athletic personality on the planet. And he provided ample fuel to light the fire of the legion of haters nationwide with the disastrous and ill-timed “The Decision” on ESPN and the arrogance the Big Three (including Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh) displayed during the infamous pep rally in Miami prior to the 2010-11 season.

Many sports fans took an almost sick and perverse pleasure in LBJ’s failures and missteps, particularly when he seemed to get “punked” down by the Dallas Mavericks and shrunk from the pressure of crucial moments. Even legendary sportscaster Marv Albert took a cheap swipe at “The Chosen One” because of the manner in which James procured his championship trophy.

But now that he has a title, the hate laughably continues, particularly in the Northeast corner of Ohio, the place where James was born and bred, where he birthed his legend and where he entered the league straight from his Akron, Ohio high school.

Take a look at the twitter hate flowing through cyberspace, including from Marv Albert, beginning with this nice dig at James below:

— terry shropshire

lawblob ‏‪@lawblob

Will Lebron celebrate by going to Disney World, or will he betray the people of Florida & go to Disney Land? ESPN to broadcast his decision?

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