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James Rosemond Admits Involvement in Tupac Shakur’s Shooting

For nearly two decades, it’s been a major mystery as to who orchestrated the 1994 shooting of late rapper Tupac Shakur at New York’s Quad studios. And the mystery may finally may now be solved now that James Rosemond, aka Jimmy Henchman, has reportedly admitted his involvement in the crime.

When the shooting first occurred, many believed that fellow late rapper The Notorious B.I.G. was to blame and a coast-to-coast hip-hop feud was sparked, leaving the rap world divided and in chaos and eventually led to the deaths of both ‘Pac and Biggie.

However, before his death, ‘Pac pointed the finger at Rosemond in his song “Against All Odd.” And after years of denying having any involvement, Rosemond has now apparently confessed.

According to The Village Voice, court transcripts show that Rosemond admitted to being involved in ‘Pac’s shooting during one of nine “Queen for a Day” proffer sessions with the government last fall where his confession could not be used against him during an unrelated drug-trafficking case in which Rosemond was convicted last June.

Last year, Rosemond’s former best friend, Dexter Isaac, accused him of orchestrating the ambush on ‘Pac.

“James Rosemond hired me to rob 2Pac at the Quad Studio,” said Isaac.

Despite his confession, no one will be tried for the crime as the statute of limitations ran out more than a decade ago. Rosemond is facing life in prison for his drug-trafficking charges and on June 22, he was indicted on a murder-for-hire charge.

Though Rosemond won’t be charged, it’s good to know that ‘Pac’s family may now see the mystery of his shooting solved. But this isn’t the only mystery that needs solving. Check out some other unsolved hip-hop mysteries below. –nicholas robinson


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  1. Mike on July 2, 2012 at 7:35 am

    The Nergo is Dead no Great Lost move on, just another Thug