4 Types of Cheaters: Who to Forgive, Who to Forget

The 4 Types of Cheaters

The first-degree cheater suffers from what is known as “The Madonna-Whore Complex,” and he does not consider his romantic companion as someone to enjoy sex with. She is his personal good girl, so he will seek an erotically uninhibited girl on the side.

The Four Types of Cheaters: Who to Forgive, Who to Forget

The second-degree cheater is a man is in a relationship with a woman with whom he is not really “sexually compatible.” So, consequently, he constantly leaves himself open for opportunities to connect with another woman whom he thinks will fill the “sexual void” that he is experiencing in his relationship. A simple example could be, he loves receiving oral sex and his girlfriend or wife hates the idea of giving oral pleasure to a man, so the man looks for other women to connect with who will satisfy his desire.

The third-degree cheater is out with his buddies, or he attends some nightclub or social event by himself and a woman throws sexually flirtatious vibes at him. The man did not intend to cheat, but he doesn’t have the firm discipline to cut things off before they go too far.

Zondra Hughes

Deputy Editor, Rolling Out

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