‘Basketball Wives’ Should Be Canceled

So, a petition is being circulated to ban the latest reality show to hit the airwaves, “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.” Well, “Basketball Wives” must go, too!

“Opportunists,” is the best word to describe the eight women of VH1’s “Basketball Wives.”

As mothers, wives, and so-called role models, these women continue to degrade, not only themselves, but also every woman in the United States of America.

Evelyn Lozada, Royce Reed, Suzie Ketcham, Tami Roman, Jennifer Williams, Kenya Bell, Kesha Nichols, and the executive producer herself, Shaunie O’Neal, are all women who would do anything for money and fame.

Lozada believes in spreading her legs for the almighty dollar, and Roman believes throwing a right hook solves all problems.

This season, O’Neal expresses how life off camera is becoming a challenge. She tells her pastor that she worries about people’s perceptions of her as she steps into business meetings, “Do they think I’m a hot ghetto mess?” Well, Shaunie, when you’re a co-star and the executive producer on a show where classless women are throwing wine bottles and glasses at each other in every episode, then why would anybody take you seriously?

“Basketball Wives” needs to be canceled.

I pray for the children of these money-hungry women. I hope that the poor children don’t grow up to be anything like their promiscuous mothers. When will they pull it together and find respect for themselves and be better examples for the young women who are looking to them for guidance and as role models?

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