Hair Growing Tips and Health Recommendations for the Summer

Hair Growing Tips and Health Recommendations for the Summer

With current hair trends ranging from classic ponytail and pixie cut to an elegant bun and classic bob, you’re tasked with trying to figure out which style works best for you.

There are two things to consider to help you make a decision. Your personality should be reflected in every aspect of your life, and especially through your hairstyle. Your hair is ultimately your crown to express your glory, so it should be maintained and treated well.

If you make the decision to grow your hair, you must have a conversation with your hair stylist about which products work best and which ones to avoid while aiming to achieve your summer look during this in-between stage.

I must point out that there’s a misconception that when it comes to hair maintenance and growth, it’s all about the product. Not solely. It really starts with you – the foods and beverages you consume directly affect your hair. A healthy diet means healthy tresses. And, a smart lifestyle yields a glowing crown.

Since you can’t change hair style from pixie to shoulder-length overnight, unless you have a wig collection, you have to have a hair growth plan. On average, you can expect six inches of hair growth in a year.

Here are some vitamin recommendations:

  • Vitamin B-6: broccoli, peanut butter and jelly, bananas, salmon, tofu, shrimp and eggs
  • Vitamin B-12: soy-milk, shellfish, and fat-free yogurt.
  • Folate: black-eyed peas, sunflower seeds and oranges.

Also be sure to take Biotin, Vitamin-C, Iron, Beta-Keratin, and Zinc. I encourage you to conduct further research other products to see how they affect your hair. –brandi hart

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