Tom and Katie, Heidi and Seal and Other Surprising Celebrity Divorces

Surprisingly Celebrity Splits

In Hollywood it’s common for celebs to dish out thousands to attorneys, reps and crafty publicists to keep their personal lives private from the press and one celeb couple as of late has managed to do just that. Katie Holmes, 33, and Tom Cruise, 49, finally removed the wool from the public eye on Friday, June 29, and announced that they were divorcing after five years of marriage.

The seemingly blissful scientologists offered little to no explanation on the dissolution of marriage and as of yet there are no infidelity allegations and no reports of financial issues. Instead an attorney for Holmes says the matter is “personal” and “private” despite the couple’s superstar status. Even with wishes for privacy, Holmes and Cruise will no doubt be the subject of multiple tabloid stories. Furthermore, when they are ready to talk, they will be paid heavily to speak on what really went wrong.

In a strikingly similar fashion, Heidi Klum and her entertainer husband Seal ended their picture perfect marriage in January. After seven years and three children, the ‘it’ couple decided that they’d had enough and called it quits. Just months prior they’d been spotted out smiling and holding hands looking in love. The couple also renewed their wedding vows on every anniversary every year, a sure sign that they were more than happy. It’s since been alleged that Seal’s busy European tour schedule caused a wedge in their relationship.

Other celebs have managed to wait till the 11th hour to announce their splits, check out three of the most memorable below. -danielle canada

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