Dogcatchers: Why Some Women Never Leave a Cheater

Why do women stay with a cheating mate? Posed by professional models.

Lust, reunited.

It’s such a divine feeling … The significant other whom you share your off days and romantic evenings. So intrigued by one another that your elusive daily checklist consists of sexting and texting and random smiley faces, Facebook posts and Tweeting religiously about what you both just did. Ahhh … inhale and gaze upon the florescent essence of love and lust.

For some relationships, it’s much too bright a glow.

For some women, the illusion of happiness becomes emotional abuse. Your partner is coming in later in the evening, cold and lonely meals, lipstick stains and pocket phone numbers and stray condom wrappers in his suitcase.

He walks in singing Frank Ocean’s wavy lyrics to “Novacaine”: “I think I can’t feel my face …”

His new mood coils your insides and unveils your insecurities. This is the beginning of the end of your artificial bliss. So now what? Disappointed and lonesome and back on the single bus you go.

You call him, he answers, dinner and an empty, yet fulfilling sexual experience leads you to believe he wants you back. He even utters the three words you long to hear … And now you have fallen backwards. You’ve gone back to the dog.

Thus the question remains: Why do intelligent women return to the cheater time and time again?

Some rolling out readers give us a clue, here’s what they had to say.

–photos, story by lydia k. nesmith

Johanna, Rogers Park

Johanna 22 Rogers Park

“I think they go back to the the dog bc they think they can teach him new tricks … those type of women are insecure.”


Adrian, 26, Ukrainian Village

Adrian, 26, Ukrainian Village:

“Because they’re good in bed.”


Jeff, 44, Chicago's North Side.

Jeff, 44, Chicago’s North Side:

“Insecure; low self-esteem from an experience in the past, no positive role models, inspiration, someone to say ‘you’re beautiful.’ ”


Danielle, 25, Chicago's South Side.

Danielle, 25, Chicago’s South Side:

“I feel that women, just like men, become complacent.”

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