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Ghetto Poses; Don’t Try This at Home, Please!

We interrupt our regularly scheduled lives to pause at regular intervals, mouths agape, at the wonderment of our community. We must do this for comic relief, to vent stress, and to wonder what some people are thinking when they agree to take photos of themselves and then, oftentimes knowingly, have them posted online.

Were these poses a dare? Did the folks who did this win money or some other bet? Did someone hold a gun to their heads? What possibly possessed them to parade themselves before the public like this?

This should serve as an admonishment that when you take photos in compromising positions, ensure that you trust that person. Otherwise, you might wind up looking like the rest of these people below.

terry shropshire

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1 Comment

  1. zobop republic on July 12, 2012 at 11:29 am

    I take it these individuals don’t have jobs!
    I take it they don’t want a job!