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Rainbow Push Coalition’s 41st Annual Conference in Chicago


Chicago media moguls greet Joel Ewanick of General Motors, who was commended for his commitment to diversity at the panel. L to r., Munson Steed, Steed Media; Joel Ewanick, global marketing officer, General Motors; Michael House, Chicago Defender; Ken Smikle, Target Market News and Black Business Weekly; and Hermene Hartman, N'Digo. photo: Zondra Hughes.

The Rainbow Push Coalition’s 41st annual conference takes place this week at the Hilton Chicago.

The topic of conversation was a timely one: Does Market Share Translate into Representation? And the conversation was rooted in data, that is, hard numbers that told the story of the African American consumers’ habits, preferences and brand loyalty.

Carol Watson of Tangerine Watson, Inc.

Presenters: Darlene Williamson, associate director of consumer insights, Burrell Communications; Cynthia Roberts-Perkins, VP multicultural and emerging markets, Cable Television Advertising Bureau and executive editor, Reaching Black Consumers Study; Marc Bland, head of diversity and inclusion, RL Polk.

Marilyn Stephens, data dissemination specialist, U.S. Census Bureau, moderated the panel: Advertising Data — The Key to Economic Growth & Empowerment.  The panelists were Carol H. Williams, CEO of Carol H. Williams advertising agency; Carol Watson of Tangerine Watson Inc., and Joel Ewanick, General Motors’ Global CMO.






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