Top 10 Black Gay Celebrities

Top 10 Black Gay Celebrities

Christopher Francis Ocean (born Christopher “Lonny” Breaux of New Orleans) is better known by his stage moniker, Frank Ocean:

He came up in the game as ghostwriter for the likes of Jusine Bieber, Bridget Kelly, Brand and John Legend. His debut mixtape Nostalgia, Ultra garnerned critical acclaim and he subsequently released He released two singles, “Novocane” and “Swim Good” which both achieved chart success. He made enough noise that the likes of Kanye West, Beyonce and Jay-Z came calling and he consequently appeared on the Watch the Throne  album. His debut studio album, Channel Orange, was released exclusively on iTunes, one week ahead of its scheduled full release on July 17, 2012. Ocean was the first major R&B artist to announce that he had a same-sex relationship — when he said his first lover was a man — when the industry is known for its heteronormativity.

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