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LeBron James and Team USA’s Best of the Best

Highlights: Team USA 2012's Best of the Best.

Team USA 2012 London Games has been announced and consists of a healthy mix of veterans, rising stars, and all-around solid players. Some analysts believe that this team doesn’t have enough size to compete at the Olympic level since they only have one true center on the team: Tyson Chandler. The famous coach, Mike Krzyzewski of Duke, believes that the team is much more “versatile,” however.

When comparing the 2008 Olympics team and this year’s team, Krzyzewski said, “Although we don’t have the center, that team didn’t have Durant or Westbrook. So it’s a different team and we’ll see if it becomes better, but it can be. It could be.”

Here then, is rolling out’s best of plays, and a few standout players from Team USA 2012.

–tariq weaver


Highlights: Team USA 2012's Best of the Best Tyson Chandler

Tyson Chandler

Reigning defensive player of the year, Chandler can play the role of both offensive rebounder and can bring a reinforcing presence to the defense since he’s the only true center on the team.

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