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Culture » A Weekend of Revenge: Angry Wives vs. Cheaters

A Weekend of Revenge: Angry Wives vs. Cheaters

This weekend was a tough one for jilted wives, and at least one wife made national headlines when she showcased her pain.

Weekend of Revenge: Home-Wrecker Causes House Sale

Late last night, a Beaverton, Ore., woman listed her home for sale, by letting the world know that her husband has left her to fend for herself.

Elle Zober, a recently divorced mother of two, created a tell-all sign to sell her home after her husband left her for a much-younger woman. “Husband left us for a 22-year-old” Zober’s sign reads in bold letters. “For sale by scorned, slightly bitter, newly single owner.”

Weekend of revenge: Oregon house for sale. (Actual sign).

Now, here’s the twist, what appears to be revenge, was reportedly an act of ex-spousal cooperation. Zober told local reporters that her ex-husband helped her to create the sign and that it was a joint effort for her to move on.  Zober can’t move on until the house is sold: “I’m certainly not the first person to be cheated on and I won’t be the last.”

Funny thing, Zober’s sign makes it clear that she’ll be selective about whom she will sell the house to; in red letters, the sign adds: “Adulterers need not apply.”

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