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A Weekend of Revenge: Angry Wives vs. Cheaters

Weekend of revenge: Catfight in Arizona. (posed by models).

Meanwhile, in Arizona, two drunk women, who may have been related, went to battle, over a husband’s suspected unfaithfulness.

Officers responded to a distress call from the man’s wife at 2:15 a.m. Sunday.

When police arrived, the battered wife reported that she got into an altercation with 35-year-old Jennifer O’Shea over the man’s infidelity.

The wife told O’Shea that she wanted to handle her husband on her terms, and afterwards, O’Shea jumped her. O’Shea says that after their conversation about the husband, the wife began throwing items at her.

This is the second time the two women have fought, however, the last time; the wife didn’t want to press charges citing that O’Shea was “family.”

O’Shea was arrested and charged with assault this time around.

Wives and girlfriends, except for swingers, have at least one expectation of the men in their lives: faithfulness. No other woman should be in her man’s arms, bed or heart. Some men just can’t seem to accept the concept of one man, one woman and one love.

And as we see here, being unfaithful can be a very dangerous thing.





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