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Beyoncé Supports Obama Campaign, Reads Michelle Obama Letter

Bey Gushes Over Michelle Obama, Again

It’s no secret that Beyoncé and Michelle Obama have a mutual admiration for one another, and now the platinum-selling songstress is making it known yet again. Beyoncé, 30, is starring in a re-election campaign video for the president and sharing excerpts of her letter to Michelle Obama. As previously reported, she penned a letter to the first lady in April thanking her for being “the ultimate example of a truly strong African American woman.” In the new video Beyoncé reads excerpts of the letter aloud while clips of the FLOTUS roll showing her speaking to veterans, participating in her “Let’s Move” campaign and spending time with her famous husband and two daughters. While wearing her now famous “Blue” necklace in honor of her daughter, Bey explains her motivation behind the heartfelt note. “I wrote a letter to the first lady because I wanted her to know that I’m very grateful for everything that she’s doing for our country,” said Bey. “And also for women around the world.”

 After Beyoncé penned her letter this spring, Michelle Obama extended her heartfelt thanks. “@Beyonce Thank you for the beautiful letter and for being a role model who kids everywhere can look up to. –mo,” wrote the first lady on Twitter. She later told People magazine that if she could be anyone in the world, she’d love to be Bey. “It looks like musicians just have the most fun,” she said.

Check out the latest development in the Beyoncé/Michelle Obama love fest. –danielle canada