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Chicago Hair Salons: Salon Heaven

Kiky Fynn, owner, Salon Heaven in Chicago. Photo: V-SN TV.

“I’m not a woman-hater I like to see women feeling good, looking good, and feeling more confident,” says Kiky Fynn, owner of Salon Heaven located on South Michigan Ave. in downtown Chicago.

Salon Heaven’s goal is to make sure that clients leave feeling confident. “When you send women out feeling confident, they feel like they can conquer the world, there’s a little more pep in their step, and swagger in their wagger,” Fynn laughs.

Flynn says that a new style is trending for celebrities and ordinary people too. “The Ombre look hands down, all the celebrities are wearing it. “It’s the best way to wear color without damaging your hair. It will eventually grow to the ends and you can just cut it out,” she says.

The ombre hairstyle.

The ombre is when the ends or the tips of your hair are colored lighter than your roots. Celebrities like Nicki Minaj, Khloe Kardashian and singer Ciara are rocking the new trend.

Having a close relationship with clients is something that is practiced by the staff at Salon Heaven. To ensure that clients keep rolling in, the employees adhere to an integrity policy.

“[Part] of success is to not fake the funk and act like you can do everything. I do referrals if I feel we don’t have someone that can do the best job,” Fynn says.

Integrity is not the only thing clients appreciate about Salon Heaven. As they enter the beautifully appointed salon, the feel is luxurious and elegant. Brilliant artwork, big screen TV’s, and decadent drapes contribute value to the overall experience. If you’re a woman who wants quality service and great hair care, then Salon Heaven is the place for you.

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1505 South Michigan Avenue

Chicago, IL




(312) 753-5444