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Cool Beer Brands for the Hip-Hop Generation

Heineken Red Star Access Presents Roc Nation In Atlanta Featuring Wale, DJ Mick Boogie & DJ Holiday at Compound last year.

Diddy has Ciroc, Pharrell has Qream, and Jay-Z just announced earlier this month that he’s releasing his own liquor line called D’ussé. With so many rappers marketing liquor, no one has asked the most important question: What does the hip-hop generation have against beer?

Rappers are endorsed and work closely with established beer companies, but will there ever be a rapper to open his own brewery and create the first hip-hop beer?

Well until then, we’ve listed five national and international beer companies that the hip-hop community should embrace.

tariq weaver

Cool Beer Brands: Heineken

This beer is respected and appreciated everywhere in the ‘hood. It’s only a matter of time before Heineken becomes the official beer of choice for hip-hop fans everywhere. Heineken also created the Red Star Soul hip-hop concert series. Headliners of previous concerts have included J-Cole, Wale, and Jay-Z. Check out this pic of Wale holding a Heineken while he’s performing.

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  1. Daniel on October 1, 2012 at 11:41 pm

    Unibroue is only sold in France? That would be pretty crazy, since it’s brewed in Canada.