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SkankVille, USA: Top 5 Places Where Husbands Cheat

The top 5 places where husbands cheat.

Top 5 Places Where Husbands Cheat

There is no real SkankVille, that mythical, magical, (ahem, and unethical) place where husbands visit from time to time, but there are places that have Skankville tendencies.

Ruth Houston, infidelity expert and author of  Is He Cheating on You? 829 Signs, reveals, “that a man is most likely to have an affair with someone he already knows — a woman he comes in contact with on a regular basis — a neighbor, a coworker, a family friend, or business associate.”

To wit, licensed private detectives at Advanced Surveillance Group, one of the country’s top private eye agencies that specialize in infidelity cases, have created a list of places where cheating husbands are known to prowl.

Here, then, are the Top 5 Places Where Husbands Cheat.

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