Lipstick Lesbians? Black Women Who Cheat With Girls

Lipstick Lesbians? Black Women Who Cheat With Girls
Lipstick Lesbians? Black women who cheat with girls. (Posed by professional models).

Lipstick Lesbians? Black Women Who Cheat with Girls

Ms. Mocha Chocolate is a trusted source for men and women who want to communicate about the state of black-on-black love and other issues that affect the black community.

Lipstick Lesbians? Black Women Who Cheat With Girls
Ms. Mocha Chocolate, creator of "Mocha Chocolate TV," says girl-on-girl cheating is on the rise. Steven A Richards Photographer; J Shuntay Andrews Hair and Makeup.

Through her television show, “Mocha Chocolate TV,” (seen on Global City Unity, Channel 19, CAN-TV), social networks and live events, Ms. Mocha Chocolate addresses “the disconnect in African American relationships, and she tells rolling out that she has noticed an uptick in the cases of women who are cheating with other women.

Ms. Mocha Chocolate, who is straight, divulges, “I have friends who are bisexual, and the woman who cheats with women is something that I hear on a continuous basis. Some of these friends say that they had those feelings [for other women] when they were younger, but they suppressed them. A few wanted to try something new and were open to it; and some of them had negative (relationships with men) and felt a woman is going to connect emotionally more than a man will.”

And of course, there’s the thrill of the sexual experience itself…

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