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Learn How to Build Wealth, Manage Money and Credit With Wells Fargo and Financial Experts

On Saturday, July 21 at 9:00 a.m. EST (and 9:00 a.m. CST), One Solution (Radio One, TV One, Interactive One) will air a Wells Fargo sponsored hour-long roundtable discussion titled “Aspirations: Helping You Empower Your Financial Future”, featuring acclaimed financial experts Michelle Singletary (author, TV personality and Washington Post columnist), Gail Perry Mason (financial coach and author), and Michelle Thornhill, Senior Vice President and  African American segment manager and Jeff Cosby, Senior Vice President  and Wells Fargo Advisor.

These financial experts participate in a candid conversation about money management, credit and wealth building.

The discussion allows for candid dialogue around credit, money management and building wealth. Featured panelists will address pre-submitted audience questions, providing professional guidance as well as personal insights based on experience.

“The subject of money has traditionally been a very private matter within the African American community, most likely because of our strong sense of self-reliance and pride,” says Michelle Thornhill, “Whatever the reason, it’s time to get comfortable with talking about money matters so we can learn and grow .”

The program will air across multiple One Solution platforms:

  • Radio One:  Listeners can tune in on the following stations: Atlanta (WAMJ-FM), Baltimore (WWIN-FM), Charlotte (WQNC-FM), Cleveland (WZAK), Columbus (WXMG-FM), Dallas(KSOC-FM), Detroit (WDMK-FM), Houston (KMJQ-FM), Indianapolis (WTLC-FM), Philadelphia(WRNB-FM), Raleigh (WFXK-FM), Richmond (WKJM-FM, WKJS-FM), St. Louis (WFUN-FM) and Washington D.C. (WMMJ-FM).
  • NewsOne: Viewers can watch a live stream of the panel at
  • TvOne: Video vignettes featuring Wells Fargo panelists proving important financial tips will air on TVOne throughout July and August

Wells Fargo is committed to delivering financial education to the African American community to help them reach their financial goals. For more financial tips, audiences are encouraged to visit My Financial Guide at for a wide range of helpful resources, interactive tools and more.