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Naked Black Justice: Atlanta Photographer James Lewis Illustrates Racial Stereotypes

James Cornelius Lewis, a native of Statesboro, Ga., earned his bachelor’s in visual communications from the Art Institute of Atlanta. After working in advertising and marketing for 10 years, Lewis launched his own photography and creative studio in 2008, Noire3000, in Atlanta. Naked Black Justice is a campaign Lewis started to address racial injustice.

“My role with this campaign is to bring awareness to the issues of racism, prejudice and overall ignorance targeted at blacks in American and abroad,” says. “I have assumed the role of a modern day griot of sorts to share my story and the stories of others with the masses to bring about a change in our society.”

–lydia nesmith


How were you introduced to photography?

My dad was a photographer also, not in the professional sense, however, he always had a camera shooting various events of my life growing up. As a child I would ask if I could take a picture and he allowed me, [and that] began my passion for this great art form. From there I received my first Polaroid at age 10 and I shot everything … well as much as I could with a 10-exposure cartridge!

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