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Kile Glover Dead: Celebrities, Others Offer Condolences on Twitter

Ryan Glover, center holding the baby, is mourning the loss of his son, Kile, 2nd from left, from a holiday boating accident

Celebrities converged on Twitter to offer condolences for the Tamika Raymond and Ryan Glover after their son, Kile Glover, passed away this morning from injuries suffered in a tragic jetski accident in suburban Atlanta earlier this month. He was 11 years old.

Doctors took Kile Glover from life support after it was determined the injuries were too severe to overcome. Tameka Foster was tortured with the decision.

Kile was terminally injured on the Fourth of July weekend — July 8, to be exact — as he was riding in an inner tube that was connected to a pontoon in Lake Lanier. According to authorities, a family friend who was riding a jetski behind the pontoon lost control and collided with Glover’s tube. A police investigation to determine culpability is ongoing.

Below are some of the celebrity responses on Twitter.

— terry shropshire


Russell Simmons — I am sending out every prayer I got to Tameka, Ryan, Usher and their family…

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  1. Charlotte Denise Ayeni on July 22, 2012 at 12:33 pm

    Whatever happened to proofing in journalism?  The first sentence does not flow properly-for a journalist that is a problem.