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Are T.I. and Tiny Swingers? Tiny Reveals All

Sure, T.I. and Tiny have had their crazy moments in the limelight. But looking at their VH1 show, “T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle,” you begin to understand that underneath the glitz and glam and hip-hop swag, they’re just a regular married couple with a strong sense of love and family. But for years, the two have been plagued by rumors that, behind the scenes, they like to welcome another woman into their home and their bedroom. Now, in a recent interview, Tiny is finally revealing whether she and Tip are swingers or not.

During an interview with Columbus, Ohio’s Power 107.5, Tiny addressed rumors that she allows other women into her and Tip’s bedroom and explained that they’re false.

“That’s not true,” said Tiny.

Tiny also denied rumors that she’s writing a book about swinging and explained that she’ actually writing a book about how to maintain a healthy relationship.

“I’m writing a book about relationships, how to have a strong relationship or to just be in a relationship and go through things.” Tiny explained.

Tiny admitted that she believed the rumors are about her marriage stem from hate and a misunderstanding about the fact that she and Tip, and many people in the South, enjoy going to female strip clubs.

Well, T.I. and Tiny may not be swingers, but they’re not the only stars who’ve been given the swinger label. Check out some other stars that’ve been rumored to be in open relationships below. –nicholas robinson


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