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  • http://twitter.com/whatthelove WhatTheLove™

    The better question is, why is this being glorified? This is nothing to report on,
    unless we’re going to look at how stop being so oblivious to the negative effects of
    this babydaddy-babymama EPIDEMIC, and what we are going to do to stop this madness!

    Bravo Rolling Out…I am sure that someone somewhere is upset they didn’t make the
    list, and will try harder next time. P.S. They’re probably not a “celebrity”

    *Steps off soapbox!*

  • Nevadashady1

    Mick Jagger and Rod Stewart are multi-millionaires who can still support all their underage children(as is the case with Rod). Lil Wayne can afford his children as well, assuming, considering none have stated any problems with child support.