Blue Ivy Photos Incite Vicious Comments From Fans

Blue Ivy Photos Incite Vicious Comments From Fans

The recently released photos of Blue Ivy’s uncovered face incited a stream of cruel and vicious comments from fans about the baby’s looks, who also blame the megastar parents for how the baby turned out, particularly Jay-Z.

The anger from some fans was so pointed and intense that you would have thought they delivered the baby themselves instead of Bey Bey.

Most of the ill feelings are centered around Beyoncé ‘s decision to date, marry and conceive a new life with rap royalty Jay-Z. The Jigga Man can do no wrong when it comes to music and business decisions. But he is also a man who, in their minds, made the tragic mistake of sweeping pop goddess Beyonce off her feet and negatively impacting her future bloodline.

Check out this post:

“Beyoncé really screwed up, having a baby by Jay-Z. His nose and lips are never going to look right on a girl,” read one Twitter post about Blue Ivy.

Furthermore, the marriage and subsequent creation of a new life also inspired a series of grotesque sketches and doctored photos that are caricatures of Jay-Z’s large facial features. That some of the comments stem from the African American community speaks to the level of intense self-hatred that still permeates the culture and greatly impacts what they believe is attractive. Of course, facial features and skin tones that are closer to Western Europeans still get celebrated by black people, while those facial attributes that are more associated with the kind that Jay-Z possesses (which he had nothing to do with creating) are denigrated — or, in this case, castigated with fervor.

Take a look below at some of the more biting comments and hideously doctored photos — that just so happen to be coming from so-called “fans” of Beyonce of Jay-Z.

— terry shropshire

Blue Ivy Photos Incite Vicious Comments From Fans
A photo shopped picture of a baby with mutated Jay-Z features

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