Interracial Cheating: Atlanta, Home of the Swirl

Atlanta is leading the nation in interracial cheating says Noel Biderman, founder of

In part two of a very revealing interview, Noel Biderman, founder of, the website where marrieds go to cheat, tells rolling out that Atlanta is home of the Swirl, monogamy is a myth, and why open marriages are the best kind to have.

Do AshleyMadison couples divorce at a higher rate?

I haven’t studied that. What has been studied is that couples in open marriages, couples who have de-emphasized monogamy, have ultimately been more successful in their marriages if you define success as not being divorced.

Why are open marriages more successful?

A couple in a good relationship has just as many challenges around economic, their jobs, etc., and if all they’ve changed is their sex life, they become much more successful. I think if they’re looking to pursue an affair, they are doing it as a divorce alternative, so [the affair] acts as a marriage preservation.

Is monogamy a myth?

Monogamy has always has been a myth. Even in Biblical times, Moses, the man who brought the tablets [The Ten Commandments] down wasn’t monogamous. We’ve always deluded ourselves…infidelity has always been there, it is just more exposed and discussed.

Zondra Hughes

Deputy Editor, Rolling Out

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