Kimbella, Erica and Fabolous

During the second season of “Love & Hip-Hop,” new cast member, Kimbella, revealed to veteran cast member Erica that she had a fling with her boyfriend, Fabolous, a few years back, while Erica was pregnant with his child. Though Erica forgave her, Kimbella was then viciously beaten by co-star Chrissy Lampkin for her confession.


Nicholas Robinson

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  • SherriEtienne

    Awww man… This ain’t sounding too good! #TeamMiMi

  • zobop republic

    I really don’t care about this!

  • Benall

    He’s lied to her so many times, how would she know what’s really going on with that CLOWN???

    We actually started the show about a month after I found out what was
    going on,” she explained. “Y’all are watching like, ‘D–n, she’s stupid,’
    but then again, how am I going to be stupid if I didn’t know?”

    But once you did find out that Stevie & Joseline know he was messing around with Joseline and you didn’t leave, it made you look REALLY STUPID.

    Mimi, you are too good for that Boo.  Holla at me when you get a chance. LOL