Odd Future Discusses Frank Ocean’s True Love

Odd Future Discusses Frank Ocean's True Love

It’s been weeks since rising music superstar Frank Ocean revealed that he’s bisexual. But in the wake of his landmark revelation, stars have either come to his defense and praised him, or slammed the Channel Orange singer for his unabashed confession. But when it finally came time for his Odd Future brethren to address the news of Ocean’s sexuality, well, let’s just say it was nothing less than odd and entertaining.

Odd Future stopped by MTV News on July 25, and when the topic of Ocean’s sexuality came up, the boys handled it in true Odd Future form, side-stepping any seriousness and turning Ocean’s sexual revelation into a gag about his one true love: bagels.

“You can say it. Frank Ocean likes bagels,” said an excited Tyler, The Creator. “Frank Ocean came out at Coachella? You can say it. Come on, spit it out. Frank Ocean likes leather jackets.”

“I think it’s crazy that that ni–a likes bagels like that; for the longest he was frontin’,” said Earl Sweatshirt, while spinning in his swivel chair. “We’d go to the store like, ‘Ni–a do you want some bagels?’ and he’ll be like, ‘I don’t f–k with bagels,” he explained, while Tyler mocked in the background, “Naw, I don’t want bagels! I want wheat bread!”

Odd Future Discusses Frank Ocean's True Love

Ocean revealed his love for “bagels,” aka boys, on Independence Day, just two weeks shy of his major-label debut, Channel Orange, which was met with both critical and commercial success.

“All of a sudden a week before the album drop this n—a like, ‘Pass me the cinnamon raisin with the cream cheese,’” Earl joked, noting the amount of bagels that would be in the Los Angeles studio where OF often records. “It was ni—a ‘cause for the longest nobody would pass him no type of bagels. You know how many bagels there is at Paramount? In that fu—in’ kitchen?”

And if their jokes aren’t don’t make it clear, Tyler and Earl bluntly state that they don’t care about Ocean’s sexuality. To them, he’s still just one of the OF guys, with a hot album on his hands.

“It’s funny because no one cares,” Tyler said. “I actually don’t give a f–k, do you give a f–k?”

“That album was tight whether or not he likes bagels,” Earl added.

Well, we can’t say we’re surprised at Odd Future’s reaction, but we’re happy that Frank’s “brothers” have shown that his sexuality doesn’t matter to him; they love him as he is. And they’re not alone. Check out some other famous LGBT allies below. –nicholas robinson

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