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Entertainment » Chicago’s Hottest Events: President Obama’s Birthday Party; Glamorama

Chicago’s Hottest Events: President Obama’s Birthday Party; Glamorama

Chicago's hottest events—with the flyest people— are going on right now.

The Windy City has so much to offer—from boat rides and day parties to the crowded nightclub scene—that it can be difficult to make a decision about what to do and where to go to have the most fun.

While the choices are complex, here’s an easy guide to the most popping events for this weekend and beyond.

Saturday: July 28

If you and your gang of your friends are into the bar scene and you really enjoy a nice cold one, then hit Alice’s Lounge, a 4 a.m. spot, with karaoke going all night long.


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1 Comment

  1. LickDaCat on August 26, 2012 at 3:20 pm

    The place was half empty. At least he is picking smaller venues since nobody with two brain cells to rub together wants to see this criminal illegal alien scumbag!

    When he kicked off his campaign at Ohio State University the place was almost empty with 95%+ of the seats empty. He should have known then to just stay at the White House in order to prevent confirmation he has nearly no support whatsoever. Only those unable to read who listen to the zionist lamestream propaganda are uninformed enough to actually support this criminal.

    He will start a war to declare martial law in order to cancel elections forever in the USSA. Get ready for wholesale slaughter of the ignorant morons who have no clue what is happening. DHS didn’t purchase 1.4 billion hollow point bullets to just set there, they plan to exterminate as many as they can.

    Obama is just a puppet of the Rothschild Banking Mafia who own the Federal Reserve and Israel, he will do whatever they say or he will suffer the same fate Rothschild did to JFK.

    It is so sad the majority of Americans are too brain damaged to figure it all out but they will get what they deserve for not even paying attention and not demanding this illegal alien criminal be removed from office immediately.

    Hey, I live through America’s golden years. Those who survive the upcoming holocaust will experience a living hell that they deserve for being total morons. The military upholding their oath is our only chance to stop it and hopefully they will honor their oath.