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Film Producer and Momager Sharna Brown Enjoys Best of Both Worlds

Full Name: Sharna L. Brown

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Current Project: I am currently producing an amazing supernatural short film called The Chronicles of Nathan Gregory!  It’s one of the 11 short films, 11ELEVEN11 Film Project. soon to premiere under the executive production of Studio 11 Films, starring the incredible Tommy Ford who is also my mentor.  I am also a talent scout/consultant with XXI Century Entertainment, where we train, coach and showcase talent to agents and managers in Atlanta and Los Angeles for representation.

What drew you to this project?
Interestingly enough, I’d been reaching out to industry professionals, some that I’d known personally and others that I’d recently met through networking, sketch writing workshops, etc. … researching industry trends, specifically here in the Atlanta area, analyzing and anticipating the growing needs of the Southeast television, film, and commercial industry so that I could strategically position myself to fulfill at least one of these needs in this industry that I am very passionate about.

The following month, in November 2011, I’d taken my daughter to a seminar lead by Jasmine Guy during the Bronze Lens Festival and noticed a flyer announcing this amazing 11ELEVEN11 Project, which would take 11 aspiring writers, producers, and directors, and produce 11 short films over 11 week period. I thought, “How groundbreaking and ambitious!”  

The challenge really piqued my interest. “Red Camera” certification was highlighted at the bottom.  Then, when I noticed that Kim Fields and Ed Weinberger were attached to the project, it really validated things for me.  The opportunity to learn from such industry icons and be mentored by some of those who’s acting careers I’ve actually watched grow on television and film, what was there to think about? My opportunity to assist in creating quality entertainment, it was simply confirmation of what I’d been looking for and I was all in.

Where you were born and where you were raised?
I was born and raised in the heart of Boston, a.k.a. “Beantown,”  … Franklin Field housing projects in Dorchester to be exact.  I attended Boston Latin School, ironically established to educate children of the Boston elite.  I graduated with a degree in business management from Howard University. 

As a child, I was very observant. 

Growing up, I witnessed some very unfortunate and undesirable situations, and quickly realized that many were simply a direct result of the choices that people made. Early on, I decided failure would never be an excuse for me to quit, but simply an opportunity to learn a lesson, grow, and get a fresh start. 

I never perceived where I grew up as a disadvantage but rather credit it for making me the destined-to-succeed realist that I am today. My humble beginnings and unconditional love and support from my parents provided me with the best of both worlds.

What do you hope viewers walk away with after seeing this project? 
I hope that viewers walk away saying, “Wow!” and feeling entertained but with a heightened awareness of just how powerful words can be, especially upon the ears of children. I hope this film generates healthy conversation about bullying, universal love, and the God-given strengths and talents that we all have.

If the viewer is a television studio or film executive, I want him/her to walk away with a dire need to meet and work with me. [Laughs]

Who are your personal idols in the industry? 
Kelsey Grammer, Denzel Washington, Kasi Lemmons, Will Packer, Tyler Perry, Michael Gelman, Seth MacFarlane, Will and Jada Smith, Quentin Tarantino, Dianne Ashford, for loving what she does; Mel Jackson, for being a true visionary; and Howard Gibson, for his level of commitment and creativity; and my mentor Tommy Ford, for keeping the fun in every phase of production.

Performers you would drop everything to go see: 
If it were possible…the late greats Tupac, Teena Marie, and The Rat Pack (influenced by my parents…those were some cool cats!).  Otherwise…Denzel on Broadway, Jay-Z, Will Downing, Alicia Keys, Jill Scott and Nuttin’ But Stringz . 

Pop culture guilty pleasure: 
Lipstick Alley and Facebook…and a couple of Reality Shows that will remain nameless

What’s on your music playlist?
Jay-Z, Rick James, Teena Marie, Eric Roberson, Mary J. Blige, Erykah Badu, Common, Jill Scott, Beyoncé, The Black Eyed Peas, Slave, Mtume, Will Downing, Sinatra, Biggie, Tupac, Kitaro, Yanni, and a few tracks with various sounds of nature

MAC or PC? 
Both for now, but, I feel a full MAC transition coming on.

Three things you can’t live without:
My spirituality, the love of my family and ZUMBA

Most-visited websites:
Google, Facebook and BoxOfficeMojo

Last book(s) you read: 
From Reel to Deal and 50 Shades of Grey

Last good movie you saw: 
Madagascar 3 in 3D, awesome animation, and Safe House, dope

Some films you consider classics: 
Scarface, The Wiz, The Color Purple, The Lion King, The Great Debaters, Love & Basketball, The Notebook, and Red Tails

Favorite screen or commercial opportunities: 
Being a proud mom on the set of “Sesame Street”

Previous work? 

  • Elementary School teacher
  • Title Insurance officer
  • Public Speaking
  • B2B Sales
  • Event planner
  • Production assistant – America’s Got Talent & BET Hip Hop Awards
  • Production coordinator – secured celebrity host Wendy Williams for fashion shows in NJ/NY area
  • Momager [mother who manages their child’s entertainment career]