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Cheated On? Experts Share Strategies for First Rebound Date

Don't talk about your ex, warns Larvetta Lofton. (Posed by professional models).

The cheater delivers a sucker-punch to a woman’s chest, because generally the victim doesn’t have the necessary backup plan to get on with her life.  To be fair, there is so much going on in the betrayed woman’s world after an affair is uncovered, that she can hardly function.

Who did he cheat with, and why? Is she better in bed? Is she richer, younger, and prettier? Is she actually a he? Who knew about it and smiled in my face anyway? How can I save face?

And at the top of the betrayed woman’s list of wonders: Do I have the goods to find somebody else?

Of course you have the goods, now you just need a refresher course on what to do on that first date.

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