Mindless Behavior Launches Clothing Line at Kmart Store in Detroit

Mindless Behavior Launches Clothing Line at Kmart Store in Detroit

What musicians/groups inspire Mindless Behavior? Are there any particular artists who have served as mentors/role models for the group?

Prodigy: The Jackson 5 inspired us.

Roc:       The Jackson 5, New Edition, and also B2K inspired us a lot. They have shown us how to actually have a great work ethic in the industry. Studying and watching their shows on TV and YouTube inspired us to just have fun and be mindless on stage.

Prince: Personally, I love rock bands like Nirvana, and The Misfits, but definitely Michael Jackson has inspired the group.

Ray Ray:  Mindless Behavior is inspired by B2K, The Jackson 5, and more.

Mindless Behavior has a fresh and unique look. How much does the group’s personal style/flavor influence the Mindless Behavior clothing line?

Prodigy: We just go for what we feel.

Roc:       Well, really my personal style is like a chilled/fly personal style, so we just wanted to add a little something in the Mindless Behavior clothing line; we wanted to make our fans feel free [and] mindless about themselves.

Prince: We always get to express ourselves in our everyday outfits, but our manager Keisha Gamble dresses us.

Ray Ray: Keisha Gamble styles us and she chooses our outfits based on our personal styles, we are all open-minded/

This year has brought a new clothing line and a BET Award nomination for Mindless Behavior. What’s next for the group? 

Roc:       Basically at this moment, we’re on the Number 1 Girl tour, branding ourselves and we’re also working on the second album while we’re on tour.

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