Tyler Perry Racially Profiled

In April, Tyler Perry revealed via a Facebook post that he was racially profiled by Atlanta police during a traffic stop. He said the cops bombarded him with hostile questions until a black cop arrived and recognized him and eventually let him go.


Nicholas Robinson

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  • 1Finga_Phil

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  • Mel

    Looks like a black officer in the rear view, so how is it racial? Did he really tweet what was really going on? Maybe he was speeding and he pulled the ‘do you know who I am’ card on them or the ‘I know your boss’ card. C’mon. 

  • Jazz

    Still happening in 2012!  So much for our ‘post-racial society’.  I am a Black man who has been pulled over not for a traffic infraction, but so that the officer could check the license and registration on my new vehicle.  No citation was issued.  I have been stopped walking down the street in a shirt and tie because I “resembled a robbery suspect”.  And if you dare question the authority you just might get an azz-whipping and be arrested for ‘resisting arrest’.

    > Mel: A whole lot of Black officers become more blue than Black once they put that uniform on.