Janet Jackson, Other Siblings Barred From Katherine’s Home

Janet Jackson, Other Siblings Barred From Katherine's Home

The First Family of pop music is now in complete disarray. And sadly, we are witness to this interfamilial wreckage as this large clan and their egos, insecurities and strange motives crash into each other blindingly and continually. The Jackson family feud has reached new and ridiculous levels as four Michael’s siblings are now banned from their own mom’s mansion.

Janet Jackson, along with her siblings Jermaine, Randy and Rebbie have been effectively disallowed from entering their own mother’s (Katherine) home by court order.

Michael Jackson’s kids Prince, Blanket and Paris Jackson – subjects of a bizarre custody feud – are currently staying at Katherine Jackson’s L.A. home.

The kids’ cousin and temporary guardian, T.J. Jackson, has been advised by lawyers for the Michael Jackson estate on who “should be allowed in,” according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Janet Jackson, Other Siblings Barred From Katherine's Home
Randy, left, and Jermaine Jackson

There is a lot of widespread and unsubstantiated speculation flying in every direction — especially in the tabloid media and it’s endless parade of “inside sources” and other unreliable flunkies — including the ludicrous theory that Randy, Jermaine, Janet and sister Rebbie Jackson are all motivated by money to separate Katherine from the kids. This is extremely reckless “journalism” when you take into account that Janet is one of the top 10 wealthiest female entertainers in the world, to the tune of a $150 million fortune that she created on her own. How could Janet possibly be motivated by a measly $86,000 a month that Katherine gets from Michael’s will to take care of his children?

Now as for Jermaine and Randy, on the other hand? Their dwindling funds had been the subject of occasional coverage over the years. And the fact that they share the same baby’s mama (they both married the same woman and had two kids each with her) makes them look absolutely horrible. In any event, their actions have to emanate from something deeper than just dividends, but we are not privy yet to the true motivations of the Jackson brothers.

Back to the issue at hand. Since Michael’s death in 2009, Katherine Jackson had been receiving a monthly allowance of $86,000 as guardian of Prince, Paris and Blanket.

For the time being, that sum goes to T.J. Jackson. If anything, there should be some suspicious eyes looking in his direction. He went to “save” Michael’s children but did so without the consultation or knowledge of mother Katherine.

While the four siblings behind the failed family coup aren’t allowed at the house, Shultz said they aren’t forbidden from contact with their mother: “In addition, Mrs. Jackson is completely free to talk to whomever she chooses and is free to come and go with anyone whom she chooses.”

But did Janet really take part in a kidnapping scheme gone awry, and for money at that? It’s amazing that the media can even keep straight faces as they type this garbage.

The truth always gets revealed in due course, and we can only hope that it makes sense in the end.

— terry shropshire

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