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Snoop Dogg Does Reggae Album: Is He the New Bob Marley?

“It’s not that I want to become Snoop Dogg on a reggae track I want to become Snoop Lion” said the artist once known as Snoop Dogg. Now a 40-year-old hip-hop legend, Snoop,  is moving onto a new genre: reggae.

Yes, that’s right, Snoop Dogg is creating a reggae album.

Yesterday Snoop Dogg held a press conference releasing to the music world his new musical endeavors, new found spirituality, and new moniker Snoop Lion. Wearing a ‘lock beanie and an Olympic USA basketball jersey, Snoop revealed to the world a new-found man. The album entitled Reincarnated is his first reggae album and was made in Jamaica. The producer of the album was none other than music industry hitmaker Diplo also known to the electro music scene as one-half of the duo, Major Lazer.

Snoop explained that his motivation for creating this reggae album is to reach out to fans who couldn’t identify or accept the music he’s made in the past. With this reggae record he feels he can expand his fan base and create music everyone will love.

“This reggae music is a music of love, happiness, and struggle. Now I get to preform before kids and my grandparents,” added Snoop.

This reinvention of Snoop marks the development of a refined artist. “I thought I was going to do another gangster album. I thought I was going to do another pimp album. I thought I was going to do what I usually do. But the spirit called me and told me to put all of that to rest. It called and told me to find something close to the Bob Marley spirit, because I’ve always felt I was Bob Marley reincarnated,” Snoop recalled of his inspiration to create a reggae record.

This new-found spirit inspired him to tackle many societal issues as well. He has a song on this album entitled “No Guns Allowed.”

“I always wanted to make a song that could stand for something. That’s one particular moment on my record that will stand out” Snoop proudly stated.

A release date for the album has not yet been set, but there is a documentary slated to be released that details his spiritual and musical journey while creating the album.

Click here for the trailer.