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Chief Keef, Frank Ocean and Mud: Best Lollapalooza Ever!

Scenes from Lollapalooza 2012: Chief Keef

Lollapalooza 2012 will go down in history for the outstanding performances (Chief Keef, Frank Ocean, just to name a few) and the flood and mud.

Lollapalooza promoters C3 Presents also announced that the festival would expand to Tel Aviv, Israel, next year.  This year’s crowd  drew a record-tying 270,000 fans to Grant Park.

This year’s event has been dubbed the evacuation festival. The Biblical weather — epic heat one moment, torrential rains the next — made it feel like hell on earth for several hours, especially when the hordes of festivalgoers scrambled for shelter after the buckets of rain pummeled them.

Speaking of Biblical, the devilish one himself, Ozzy Osbourne,  and Black Sabbath were on hand to perform for the festival’s 21st year.

The show shuttered for two hours until the rain subsided and then Frank Ocean took the stage.

Mud, floods, and music, finally this generation has the ultimate rock, rap and rain concert tale to rival the infamous Woodstock.