Kristen Stewart Busted Again! More Photos with Rupert

Leaked photos of Kristen Stewart with Rupert back in May.

A momentary indiscretion has been revealed to have been a lengthy affair, as new photos of Stewart and Sanders have surfaced overnight. The photos depict tender moments of the two eating on May 15 at Monsieur Vuong restaurant in Berlin, Germany, while promoting the Snow White film, Sanders’ wife was not on that trip. Rupert directed Kristen in Snow White and the Huntsman.

Official Results: Kristen Named Worst Cheater of the Year

Kristen Stewart: Worst Cheater of the Year

Hollywood Life released an online poll that has crowned Kristen Stewart the Worst Cheater of the Year because of the scandal. To put the fans’ distaste in perspective, Stewart was voted more scandalous than Ashton Kutcher, (who broke the fairy tale of cougars and cubs when he cheated on Demi Moore); vice presidential hopeful John Edwards (who cheated and had a baby with his mistress while his wife was battling cancer); Arnold Schwarzenegger who cheated with the help and hid their love child for more than a decade, and even Tiger Woods who had a slew of has-been hotties under his belt.

In the Worst Cheater of the Year poll: Stewart garnered 29.44 percent of the vote, beating out Ashton Kutcher, (3.41 percent) Jesse James (5.6 percent), John Edwards (3.65 percent), Arnold Schwarzenegger 9.98 percent, and Brad Pitt 13.14 percent. The second worst cheater was Tiger Woods with 28.71 percent of the vote.

And it’s only August, folks.

Deputy Editor, Rolling Out