Mike Tyson and Robin Givens

Though many demonized Robin as a gold digger, the actress claimed she was a victim of Mike’s abuse, saying he regularly threatened and beat her throughout their marriage.


Nicholas Robinson

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  • SherriEtienne

    I wish I believed her, but something in the water just ain’t right here. As angry, aggressive and almost insane as she comes across on the show, I’m more inclined to think she was the aggressor and he simply defended himself against her attacks. I mean either way, its wrong. We all know its never cool to put your hands on a woman, but some women have left room for questioning with regards to that statement and she’s definitely one of them.

    If I’m wrong, hell I apologize. But I don’t think I am. Not saying there was no altercation(s) between she and Memphitz, but her story sounds half-azzed and hard to swallow. I need the facts i.e. what really lead up to this attack. Clearly it wasn’t the first time and had waaay more to do with not wanting to go on stage. This was clearly more of a dish that got so hot, the lid blew off the b*tch and became this uncontrollable blaze.

    Sadly, the only ones who know the truth are accusing each other of lying, so its left up to the jury to decide. Unfortunately for me, K. has not proven her case beyond a reasonable doubt, therefore, I find Memphitz, not as guilty. LOL! I mean hitting her in self-defense still ain’t cool man!

    Sorry, but I am not convinced.

  • Vineshahamilton