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Drake Slams Chris Brown on Aaliyah Collabo ‘Enough Said’

It certainly looks like singer-rapper Drake took a wild swipe at Chris Brown’s scalp when it appears that he dissed Breezy’s low album sales in the new single he collaborated on with the late Aaliyah, “Enough Said.”

Now we all know by now that Breezy was disheartened that his latest album moved under 135,000 units, particularly after the multiplatinum, Grammy-winning success of his previous effort that pretty much signaled a full-scale comeback from the dungeon of public opinion after making Rihanna’s forehead kiss a car window three years ago.

But with his current album, Fortune, dying a slow death without much hope of resuscitation, Drake may have taken the opportunity to one-up his rival in light of the infamous brawl at a New York nightclub a few months back, at least that’s what believes. Keep in mind that Brown’s album has sold only about 135,000 units after enduring many stop-and-gos before bringing it to the market.

Here’s what Drake had to say in the song:

“Running through the city with n!**as I’d give a kidney/ Selling under 150 you n!**as got to be kidding/ Is this even still a discussion?/ Don’t you ever wake up disgusted?”


That kind of takes your mind — and the conversation — away from the the controversy surrounding Drake’s decision to do a collaboration with the beloved but deceased angelic singer Aaliyah and executive produce a posthumous album using her vocals.

So what do you think? Is this a case of Drizzy throwing some serious shade at Breezy?